London Docklands

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  • London Docklands Development Corporation
    • Large scale development.
      • Business and government.
      • Docks closed. Ship building and exports.
      • Terraced housing and large warehouses.
      • People left area and it became derelict.
    • What did they do?
      • London docklands light railways.
      • City airport.
      • High tech newspaper industry.
      • Modern office blocks (Canary Wharf).
      • Created 85'000 jobs!
      • £7.7billion business invested.
    • Negatives?
      • Dock workers not catered for.
      • Socially negative as it was not a social scheme that involved the locals.
      • Dockers not qualified and houses too expensive.
    • Positives?
      • New homes/buildings and cleared up area.
      • Jobs/businesses created.


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