'London' By William Blake - Key points and ideas

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  • London
    • Structure
      • Relentless images of despair.
    • Language
      • Repetition is used with "Mark"
      • Personal Feel but there is only rare mentions of first person
      • Use of oxymorons
    • General Ideas
      • No one can escape this despair.
      • The People in power are fine while the poor suffer
    • Important Quotes
      • "Black'ning Church"
      • "Runs in blood down palace walls"
      • "Blasts the new-born infant's tear"
      • "The marriage hearse"
      • "Youthful Harlot's Curse"
    • Form
      • Rhythm shoes feet
      • ABAB Rhyme scheme
      • Dramatic Monologue
    • Context, Theme and Links
      • Blake questioned Church Teachings
      • Emotions of anger and being hopeless
      • Power of Humans, Anger and Individual Experiences
      • Can be linked to "The Emigree"


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