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  • London
    • Form
      • Dramatic monologue
        • First person narrator passionate and personal about suffering he sees
      • ABAB rhyme scheme- unbroken throughout poem
        • Echo's relentless misery of city
        • Regular rhythm stimulates sound of narrators feet while trudging around
    • Structure
      • Presents relentless images of downtrodden deprived people
      • First two stanzas focus on people he sees and hears
    • Rhetoric
      • Rhetorical language persuades the reader of the narrators point of view
        • Powerful, emotive words and images reinforce horror of situatiom
      • Repetition used to emphasise number of people effected and society needs changing
    • Use of the Senses
      • Depressing sights and sounds of city
        • First stanza about what he sees
          • Second stanza about what he hears
            • last two combine visual and aural
    • Contrast
      • Shows the bigger picture of how EVERYTHING is affected
      • Nothing pure or innocent remains


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