London - Context

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  • London
    • Church
      • Questioned teachings of the Church
      • Highly religious
      • Critical of Church of England
      • Religious radical
      • Loved the Bible
      • Critical of the Church using their money for buildings and objects as opposed to helping the poor
      • His parents were dissenters (members of a non-established Church
    • Authority
      • Chartering was an 18th century process of corporate ownership
      • Chartering meant that public land was given to private hands
      • There were tightened controls over London due to fear after the French Revolution
      • George III on throne
      • Supported the French Revolution
      • Had may wars causing huge loss of life
    • Industrial Revolution
      • Began around 1760
      • Mass migration to London
      • Fog and smog covered the city
      • Man power was in great demand
      • Lead to child labour such as chimney sweeps. Lost innocence
      • Lived in London for most of his life
    • Beliefs
      • Believed in social and racial equality
      • Thought marriage was a form of slavery
      • Had idiosyncratic ideas


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