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  • London
    • William Blake
      • an english poet and artist
      • had radical social and political views for the time
        • believed in social and racial equality and questioned the church
    • Structure and Form
      • dramatic monologue
        • personnalises it
      • unbroken  ABAB rhyme scheme
        • echo the relentless misery of the city
        • notion of being trapped within the cycle.
    • Anger
      • metaphor
        • “runs in blood down palace walls”
          • reference to the French Revolution
          • ordinary people suffer while those in power, in the “palace” are protected behind walls.
    • power
      • the misuse of power by those in control causes suffering
        • repetition
          • “Every cry of every man, in every infant’s cry of fear, in every voice, in every ban”
            • bleakness
            • "infants" make reader sympathise for child
              • emotive language
            • "ban" shows the rules and regulations put up by authority
        • “infants cry of fear”
          • a distressing noise
          • seem like a vivid, hellish experience
    • Absence
      • Absence of hope
        • oxymoron
          • “marriage hearse”
            • happiness of marriage vs death


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