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  • Lombroso"The Female Offender"1903/1920
    • based on theory of evolution
      • born not made
    • women who commit crime can look normal
      • a rarety in comparison with male criminals
    • women who commit crime are abnormal
    • women = morally weaker and inferior
      • men are more advanced
    • feelings of love are short lived with female offenders
    • criminal women are masculine and think like men
    • women are ferocious, childlike, immature, jealous and cruel
    • crime in women are inherent tendencies that haven't developed into proper, feminine women with moral refinements
    • lack maternal drive and driven by passions
      • are also intelligent
    • women are motivated by revenge, greed and others
    • criminal women adjust easily to mental and physical pain
      • can adjust to prison life easily
    • women that commit crime are short, dark haired, moles, masculine features
      • based on image of witch
      • physiological evidence - facial features, moles, height, dark hair, skin colour
    • however, females are still much less likely to offend than men
      • women stay at home and men go out and adapt to environment
    • prostitutes are a sexual deviant and serious criminal type
    • women who commit crime = physiological immobility, psychological passivity and amorality
      • cold and calculating


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