Loftus and Palmer- Methodology 

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  • Loftus and Palmer- Methodology
    • Method evaluation (lab exp)
      • strengths-  controlled conditions, full control over IV (verb) so it could be changed to imply more less damage. control over confounding variables e.g time to look at material + no. of days before called back.
      • low ecological validity as it was carried out in a artificial setting so its hard to generalize to real life situations
    • validity
      • experimental v- was high as  the order of the film clips and critical q's was varied to make sure it wasn't due to order effects but due to the I.V
        • also critical  Q. was hidden in a no. of other questions to reduce D.C
      • ecological  v. was low as they didn't view a real life accident just  film clips. if they viewed a real life accident it may have motivated them to observe + recall events more accurately
    • sample bias
      • EXP 1- only had 45 participants who were all american=ethnocentric and all students= social experience bias.
        • EXP 2- had larger sample of 150 so more representative but also all american = difficult to generalize beyond america
    • practical applications


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