Eyewitness Testimony study

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  • Loftus and Palmer (1974)
    • Experiment 1
      • What did they do? 45 students 7 films questionnaire asking to describe the accident critical question: about how fast were the cars going when they hit each other? verb changed in each group, hit, smashed, collided, bumped, contacted
      • What did they find? smashed estimated a higher speed than the others and contacted estimated the lowest speed
    • Experiment 2
      • new patricipants, 3 groups, 1 minute film on a car accident, group 1 given smashed, group 2 given hit and group 3 wasn't given a question about the speed of the vehicles
        • one week later they were asked if they saw any broken glass
      • What did they find? more likely to think they saw broken glass with smashed
    • Misleading post-event information can change the way information is stored


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