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    • P1. An innate idea, x, if it existed, would be universally held
      • P2. Children and idiots do not have the idea of x
        • P3. The notion of having an innate idea, x, and not being aware of it doesn't make sense
          • C1. Therefore x is not universally held
            • C2. Therefore x is not innate
        • ARGUMENT
          • Locke rests this all on his claim that everyone would be conscious of the innate knowledge from birth but not philosopher has defended innatism with this definition
            • innatist argue that experience triggers our awareness of the innate knowledge
          • Leibniz claims that 'children and idiots' do actually employ the law of identity and the principle of non-contradiction they just aren't able to articulate these ideas
          • Peter Carruthers
            • developments in our cognitive capacities which are genetically determined
              • at first babies think of objects as only existing while they are experiencing them
                • later they think of objects as something that can exist outside their experience - e.g they start to look for something they have dropped
      • ARGUMENT - its not clear that innate ideas need to be universally held
    • TABULA RASA - blank slate
      • B) we see colours with our eyes
        • A) we are born with innate ideas of colour
          • why would God bother giving us a. when we have b.
        • why would God bother giving us a. when we have b.
      • all concepts are derived from impressions
        • there are simple and complex concepts
          • i can concort new concepts of things i have never experienced by rearranging simple elements
        • Condillacs statue points to the mind not being a blank slate
          • certain ways of thinking, ability to recognise sameness may all be innate
        • CHOMSKY - exposure to language is not sufficient to account for our ability to learn to speak


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