Business bullet point 4

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  • Location
    • UK becoming the automotive capital in the EU
      • Mini and JLR are on the rise in the UK £6bn private funding improving factories and research
    • Economy in the UK is an growth
      • Manufacturers are able to grow and become more successful with the natural growth of the economy in the UK
        • Sunderland, Nissan - "setting an important benchmark for quality and efficiency in Europe and around the world
        • JLR 76% rise in sales in China - quality that comes with a British car is sought after
    • Britain known for high quality
      • Customers more likely to buy Biriths - known quality of products and services receiving
      • Boost sales for the UK manufacturing industry
        • Cocorose London - making a range fully English, for the quality of the products
    • Receiving a lot of support from the government
      • Money can help a business to cut costs, gain sales, be more innovative, more research and development etc...
      • SME's are receiving a lot of support to help start up and to encourage the growth of manufacturing in the UK
    • UK location choice
    • Off-shoring from the UK
      • Many UK registered manufacturers operate overseas
        • Largest wind power in the UK, in Thanet, is Swedish Owned
        • Dyson moved overseas to Malaysia  to secure lower costs and closer proximity of customers
    • Re-shoring to the UK
      • Moving back to protect the image of the manufacturer
        • Burbery - threat to the image and the brand of the company
          • Violation of ethical guidleines
      • Customers want to buy British
        • John Lewis want to be closer to main markets and the allow customers to buy British
          • Exploiting current trend in the market place
      • Enables businesses to take better control of their costs
        • Trunki - wanted to reduce the manufacturing costs which they had in chins by moving back to the UK
        • Hotel Choclat wanted to protect their vision and brand image


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