localisation of function in the brain

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  • localisation of function in the brain
    • broca and wernicke
      • discovered that specific areas of the brain are associated with certain parts of physical and psychological functions
      • broca's area responsible for speech
        • area of the frontal lobe of of the brain; usually in the left hemisphere
          • aphasia- complete or partial loss of language due to brain damage
      • wernicke's area- responsible for understanding of language
        • in the temporal lobe also in the left hemisphere. usually linked to speech comprehension
    • the human brain can be viewed as being formed of three concentric layers: the central core , the limbic system and the cerebrum
    • the central core
      • regulates our most primitive and involuntary features such as breathing, sleeping and sneezing
      • also known as the brain stem  has structures like the hypothalamus in the mid brain
      • regulates endocrine system to maintain homeostasis
    • hemisphere- the brain is split into two halves
      • the right and left hemisphere , language areas are located in the left.
    • lateralisation
      • the dominance of one hemisphere of the brain for a particular physical and psychological functions.
        • damage to either of these areas would result in aphasia; inability to understand or produce speech


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