localisation of Brain function Sperry 1986

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  • localisation of brain (Sperry (1986) Effects of split brain surgery
    • experiment
      • ppts would cover one eye and look at a projection screen
        • pictures were shown to right or left side if the screen at high speed so no time for eye movement
          • Results
            • if picture was shown to the right eye ppts could say or write what they saw with no issue , however when shown to the left they couldn't say or write but they could pick a corresponding object even though they didn't know why
              • evaluation
                • obtained both Qualitative and Quantitative data
                • using 2 research methods increased reliability and validity of the study
                • small sample so can't be generalised
                • artificaiial situation so has low ecological validity and is therefore hard to generalise results
    • Conclusions
      • Left hemisphere (right visual field) can convert sight into spoken and written language
      • shows different areas have different functions in the brain
      • info entering the right hemisphere can usually cross over to be processed in the left
      • results show this can't happen in split brain patients
      • info going into the right hemisphere can't be converted into language at all; can still produce a non-verbal response
    • in severe cases of epilepsy the only treatment is to cut the corpus callosum
      • this stops seizures , however as a result  information cannot move between the left and right hemispheres


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