FRENCH REVOLUTION local government reforms

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  • Local government reforms
    • Decrees of December 1789 & February/May 1790
      • France divided into 83 departments
        • Departments into 547 districts and 43,360 communes
          • Communes were grouped into cantons, primary assemblies for elections were held and JPs had their courts
      • All divisions (apart from cantons) were run by elected councils
      • In Paris, local government was reformed into 48 Sections
    • The Right to Vote
      • December 1789- Active citizens. Three tiers
        • Heavily in favour of the wealthy but 61% of Frenchmen had the right to vote
    • Failure because in catholic areas, officials did not like persecuting priests who refused the oath of loyalty
      • Many resigned, areas left without local gcvernment
    • Success because before 1789 governemnt officials ran the provincial administration. In1790 there were no government officials at the local level: new  elected councils replaced them
      • 1789-99  one-million people were elected to councils and gained experience in local levels


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