Transmission of an Action Potential

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  • Transmission of an Action Potential.
    • Saltatory conduction
      • Myelinated Neurones
      • Na+ and K+ can't diffuse through myelin sheath.
      • Ionic movements occur at Nodes of Ranvier.
      • In myelinated neurones local currents are elongated
      • Ions diffuse from one node to the next.
      • Action potential appears to 'jump'.
    • Local Currents
      • Non- Myelinated Neurones
      • When action potential occurs Na+ channel opens at point in neurone.
        • Allows Na+ to diffuse into neurone from high to low concentration.
          • Movement of Na+ upsets balance of ionic concentration in neurone.
            • Concentration in neurone rises at point where Na channels are open.
              • Causes Na+ to diffuse sideways, away from the increased concentration.
                • Movement of ions is a local current.
      • Movement of ions is a local current.


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