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  • LO2
    • basis of discrimination
      • race: a group to have distinct characteristics based on their skin colour, nationlity or ethnic orgin
      • culture : group of people who share the same lanuage, dress, beliefs and values
      • social class
      • age
      • disability: physical or mental impairment
      • gender
      • religion and sexual orintation
    • types of abuse
      • physical abuse: someone causes physical pain or threatens to hurt somone
      • verbal abuse: name calling , insults or swearing
      • emotional abuse: threats and constant critizism
      • sexual abuse : any type of unwanted sexual contact
      • neglect abuse: fails to care for somone
    • Stereotyping involves making judgements about people based on prejudices
    • Prejudice is when someone has a negative attitude towards a group of people
    • labeling involves identifying people negatively as part of a group
      • impact of discrimination
        • disempowerment: they will feel a lack of control over their life
        • low self esteem and confidence leading to the person feeling worthless
        • poor health and wellbeing
          • may become withdrawn and isolate themselves to avoid the situation
          • health problems can develop or worsen as they may avoid treatment
          • high blood pressure and anxiety may develop
          • mental health issues and eppresion may develop
    • Bullying involves a range of negative behaviours that harm someone


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