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  • Llamia
    • A03
      • Charles Brown felt that Brawne bad for Keats- distraction and toxic
      • Lamia- mythical monster- cursed by Zeus' wife- Llamia preys on humans and eats children
    • AO2
      • Settings
        • 'Purple-lined palace of sweet sin' , 'faery land'
        • Llamia originally from a mythical world then descends into a material world- hostage of Corinths?
        • Symbolic of Llamia losing power by going into physical world
        • The 'fairy-tale' palace she's created for hersellf emphasises the lovers distance from reality and her manioulation
          • Or is it her trying to please him? (A05)
      • Language, Form and Structure
        • Part One: Llamia portrayed as manipulator- seduces Lycius
          • Part Two: Llamia's downfall, viewed as victim- symathise with poor Llamia
        • Symbolism (A05 as well)
          • Apollonius- Charles Brown- Science, Reason, Rationality
          • Llamia- Fanny Brawne- Poetry, fantastical beauty
          • Lycius- Keats- dreamer, of love
    • A04
      • Apollonius
        • Was he just trying to save his student from the grips of a seductress?
          • 'I see thee made a serpent's prey' or 'Fool'
          • Or is he stopping his happiness- clearly intelligent enough to see he's happy- unlike BRs in Isabella
        • Villain- 'do not all charms fly at the mere touch of cold philosophy?'
          • Contrast in language from beautiful Llamia; 'sharp eyes'
          • 'Philosophy clip and Angel's wings'
      • Lycius
        • Hero? Hamartia is his hubris to brag of his love and his fall into rationality
      • Lamia
        • Villain? Manipulated Lycius, even created false palace to deceive everyone else
          • Beauty reflects her ability to seduce the vulnerable
          • 'Threw the goddess off, and won his heart more pleasantly by playing the woman's part'
            • Hero? Did everything with Lycius, who wasn't prepared to give up rationality for her- '
          • ''A haunting music, sole perhaps and lone'
        • Hero? Did everything with Lycius, who wasn't prepared to give up rationality for her- '
        • Victim
          • 'When dreadful guests would come and ruin her solitude'
          • Lycius- 'fierce and sangunieous'
          • 'misery in fit magnificence'
          • 'Some hungry spell that loveliness absorbs'
            • 'A moment's thought is passion's passing bell'


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