Living Things 

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  • Living Things
    • Cells
      • The building block living things are made from
        • Root hair Cell Ciliated epithelial Cell Palisade Cell Muscle Cell Sperm Cell Egg Cell
    • Compounds
      • Substance made of two or more elements chemically joined together
    • Atoms
      • Small particles of an element that can exist
    • Elements
      • Substance consisting of atoms of only one type
        • Sodium hydroxide - NaOH calcium oxide - CaO  sodium choloride - NaCI  hydrolic acid - HCI   copper oxide - CuO    sugar - C12H22O11  silver chloride - AgCI2 sulphuric acid - H2SO4
    • Particles
      • Tiny pieces of matter
    • Rocks
      • Limestone -Sedimentary Granite-I Quartz -  I Garnet Gneiss- M    Clay- S  Basalt- I  Marble- Metamorphic  Slate-m Sandstone-s Quartize- M Chalk-S Gabbro- Igneus
      • The Rock Cycle
        • Weather and erosion
          • turns into Sedimentry rocks
            • Heat and pressure turns it into Metamorphic rocks
              • Melting it into Magma
                • The lava and Magma solidify and turns into Ignous Rocks which uplifts to the top of the volcano
      • FOSSILS
        • Fossils are the preserved remains of organisms that were one living
    • Reproductive System
      • Male
        • Bladder Foreskin Glands  Penis  Scrotum Sperm Duct  Testes Urethera
      • Female
        • Bladder Cervix Oviduct Ovary Urethra Uterus Vagina
  • Small particles of an element that can exist


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