Geography Unit 2 Population Dynamics.

Mindmap of population dynamics.

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  • Living Spaces!
    • Population Dynamics.
      • Facts; the worlds population was under a billion in 1750 and had only started to climb to two billion by 1930 and now it has grown to nearly seven billion.
      • Birth Rate: the number of children born per 1000 of the population in a year.
      • Fertility Rate: the number of children that women have in their lifetime. if women have two children or more they "replace" the parents. fewer than two children means that the population will eventually fall.
      • Fertility rates are mainly high in Africa especially south of the Sahara. infant mortality is high and life expectancy is low because of poor sanitation and diet but also because of Hiv/Aids.
      • Richer, developed countries tend to have lower population growth.
      • Poorer,developing countries tend to have higher population growth.
      • Some countries actively encourage a high birth rate and are also rich enough to reduce death rates these are the fastest growing societies.


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