Cell size

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  • Cell size and magnification
    • The meter
      • people are familiar with this and can visualize it
        • divided into 1000mm
          • cells are around 20-40 millionths of a meter (0.00002-0.00004m)
            • cells are measured in um (micrometer)
    • The micrometer
      • one mm is divided into 1000 equal divisions, each of one micrometer.
        • one micrometer is one millionth of a meter
    • The nano meter
      • one micrometer is divided into 1000 equal parts
        • each of one nm
      • one nm is one thousand millionths of a meter
      • cell surface membranes are about 10nm wide.
      • ribsomes about 20nm
      • viruses 40-100nm


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