Living Organisms

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  • Living Organisms
    • Characteristics
      • Require nutrition, Respire, Excrete, Respond to surroundings, Move, Control internal conditions, Reproduce, Grow and Develop.
    • Plants
      • Multicellular, cells contain chloroplasts, able to carry out photosyn -thesis, cells have cellulose and cells walls, store carbohydrate-s as starch or sucrose
    • Animals
      • Multicellular, cells have no chlotoplasts, can't carry out photosynthesis, have no cell walls, usually have nervous co-ordination, able to move from one place to another, often store carbohydrate as glycogen
    • Fungi
      • Can't carry out photosyn -thesis, some are single celled, cell walls made of chitin, may store carbohydrate as glycogen
    • Bacteria
      • Microscopic single celled organisms, cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm and plasmids, lack a nucleus but contain a circular  chromosome of DNA, some carry out photosynthesis but most feed off other living or dead organisms


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