Living Organisms

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  • Living Organisms
    • MRS GREN
    • Movement
      • Osmosis
        • Only WATER
        • Across a cell membrane
          • Partially permeable (water gets through)
          • Visking tubing (used in experiments)
        • Experiment: sugar water solution in visking tubing moves into the higher water concentration
        • High to low concentration of water
          • Goes TO where there is more sugar concentration
      • Diffusion
        • The spread of particles through random motion
        • From high to low concentration
        • Gas exchange in the body
          • Alveoli-  oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide leaves
        • Needs high concentration gradient between cells ad blood capillaries
      • Active Transport
        • When a substance goes the wrong way, against the concentration greadient
        • From low to high concentration
        • E.g.: more concentrated  (in minerals) in the cells of root hairs than in soil
        • Requires energy from aerobic respiratoipn
      • Affected by
        • Temperature
          • Faster rate of reaction
        • Concentration gradient
          • Higher contrast between the 2 solutions travels faster
          • Different concentrations needed to balance it out
        • Surface area to volume
          • Larger surface area= more gaps in the membrane= more osmosis


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