British Politics

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  • British Politics
    • Why is voting impotant
      • If you do not vote you have no right to criticize decisions made by parliment
      • If you do  not vote an extremist party may get in to power
        • British Nationalist Party
        • If you do not vote you have no right to criticize decisions made by parliment
      • It is a democratic right
        • Not every country has access to this right so we should make the most of it
    • Ways of participating in election Campaigns
      • Join a political party
        • This will boost membership and will make the party more powerfull
      • Canvasing
        • Go door to door to help gain support for a particular party or repressentive
      • Provide  Transport
        • Not everybody can easily get to their polling station
          • Elderly make up approximatiy 14 percent of the population and they are the most affected by lack of transport
    • Ways MPs represent constituants
      • In  Parliment
        • Debating
          • MPs can start or join a debate about the issues of their constituants
        • Questions
          • The MP can raise a question in parliament for a constituent
            • First Minister question time
      • In the constituency
        • Media Interviews
          • The MP can hold a media interview to draw atention to issues in the constituency
        • Surgeries
          • MPs hold surgeries so that constituents can meet with the local MP/MSP to discuss issues which affect the constituency
    • Opposing New Laws
      • Media
        • People can use the media to draw attention to their issue
          • This allows them to get their point across to a wider audience
      • Petitions
        • People can set up petitions to allow people to register their suport to a cause/issue
      • Protest
        • We Have the right to protest peacfully, if we are against something
    • Under-Representation In Politics
      • Woman
        • Male dominated enviroment
          • Woman feel less confident and intimidated
        • Predijuce
          • Sexist views that women cant handle this kind of job
        • Combating
          • The Scottish      parliament has brought about a major change and is encouraging woman to become MSPs
      • Ethnic Minorities
        • Intimidated by           Extremists partys


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