Living the christian life

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  • Living the christian life
    • Worship
      • Importance of  christian worship
        • -expression of their faith in God, show respect and thanks to God                 - Allows them to seek and receive forgiveness     - connecting with God that supports and helps them spiritually        - reminds them of the beliefs and traditions they share with other christians
      • Liturgical worship
        • The main form of worship for catholics. Used for Holy communion, baptism, marriage and funerals
        • set times especially sundays
        • Public worship in a church that uses a service book with set prayers and rituals so that everyone follows the same format.
        • Typical features are a procession where the clergy enter or leave the church, formally dressed vested clergy, liturgical colours, singing hymns, confession of sin, bible readings
      • Non-Liturgical worship
        • Far more common, Pentecostal  churches,
        • public worship without set prayers or rituals. Music is often a major part of non liturgical worship with hymns or gospel songs
        • Typical features are greater emphasis on the bible as the inspired word of God, a Eucharist service at a table not an alter, symbolic presence of Jesus in bread and wine
      • Christian attitudes for liturgical worship: seen as the best type of worship for those who follow the sacraments because worshiping with set prayers helps them worship God in a familiar way, becomes part of their lives, they find comfort in the words that they say, makes the worship important
      • Christian views on non liturgical worship: free form of worship, more freedom, elements van change in the service so there could be extended prayer time, helps to connect worship to the world of today
      • Informal worship includes: family prayers, saying grace, reading the bible, youth group, music festival, messy church
        • Private worship is important because you get a personal connection with God, you can talk about your own problems and confess sins, you can also concentrate more on God. Ways to worship privately include praying, reading the bible and watching God tv
    • Sacraments
      • Baptism: Protestant and Roman Catholic view this as a sacrament. A person has water poured over their head this washes away sins. Its important because it makes promises before God, Jesus was baptised.
      • Confirmation: Roman Catholic view this as a sacrament. The priest lays his hands over the head, becoming a full member of the church, concludes baptism. Important because the Holy spirit enters their life, They get to experience it them self, it concludes baptism
        • Reconciliation:Roman Catholics view this as a sacrament. Its the confession of bad things that have happened, seeking forgiveness. Important because your getting Gods forgiveness, doing what God would have wanted
      • Marriage: Roman Catholics view this as a sacrament . Its a promise of love, the legal union to stay together. Important because it reflects Gods everlasting love, promise before God, legal union.
      • Taking Holy Orders: Roman Catholic view this as a sacrament. Its becoming a priest, Bishop or deacon. Important because it descended from Jesus, they recieve the grace of the Holy Spirit
      • Eucharist: Protestant and Roman Catholic view this as a sacrament. It is a symbolic reenactment of the last supper, The bread and wine represented the body and the blood, they receive them once a week. Its important because Jesus initiates the meal, Its to remember Jesus, It nourishes them spiritually.
        • Anointing the sick: Roman Catholics view this as a sacrament. Its when the sick confess their sins, being granted life in heaven. Important because God will forgive sins, oil on forehead
    • Prayer
      • Christians pray for many reasons, to develop their relationship with God , to change things, achieve forgiveness, heal those who are ill
      • Informal prayer: Non liturgical use informal prayers although they all use the lords prayer on occasions, They also use these when God enters their mind or when they become aware of someones suffering
      • Formal prayer: liturgical  worship use set prayers as their personal prayers at set times
      • The Lords Prayer: oldest and best known prayer, Thought that Jesus taught it to his disciples, used during most acts of christian worship
      • Confessional prayers: Focus on what it means to be a christian and what God expects , confess and ask for forgiveness.
        • Prayers of Adoration: these praise the greatness and power of God , all the wonderful things he has done
          • Thanksgiving Prayers: To thank God, remembering his love and generosity
            • Supplication: prayers of petition, personal needs, then asks for help and guidance and sometimes forgiveness
      • Intercessory Prayers: prays on behalf of others to help
      • Christians pray because it can take them away from the reality of life and they can just have time with god to reflect, Thanksgiving prayers help them to not be selfish  and take things for granted, prayers of confession stops a person from bottling up feelings and help them to improve their life, Supplication prayers help s them feel likethey are helping the less fortunate
        • Christian attitudes are  that the lords prayer should be used regularly, thy should recite them as a community
    • Pilgrimage
      • People make pilgrimages to strengthen their faith and become closer with God, fulfill the religious duty to show commitment, ask for held, make up for something they have done wrong
      • In Iona christians visit a monastery, natural place, st columbas home. Its important because it encourages the clergy and encourages christians to spend time together, become more united, break from normal life to think about God.
      • In Taize christians visitthe Protestant and Catholic Monks, chants rhythmic speaking, singing and discussion groups. Its important because pilgrims can meet and learn from younger people and different races, it encourages Christians to develop the spiritual gifts of kindness, simplicity and reconciliation
      • In Jerusalem Christians visit the cenacle, where the last supper was, church of all nations on the mount of olives, the garden tomb. Its important because its where Jesus spent his last few days on earth and where he taught his disciples the lords prayer and ascended into heaven.
      • In Walsingham Christians visit the shrine built in honor of the virgin Mary, the holy house, and the statue of Mary. Its important because the can feel closer to Mary, prayers are answered, healings are claimed to have taken place, spiritual refreshment and brings people closer together
      • Its seen as important because some christians see life as a search for God and going on pilgrimage helps them in this search, so they become closer. Jesus went on pilgrimage every year, Go on the hopes of being cured or healed, if not healed given the strength the cope. special connections and full of holiness.
        • Some Christians disagree  because its unnecessary to go because he is omnipresent so he is always there , It also involves needless expenses which might create a financial burden on christians that could be used to help others


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