Living Spaces - Imtiaz Dharker

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  • Living Spaces
    • Imtiaz Dharker
      • End
        • 'dared to place/ these eggs in a wire basket'
          • 'Dared' could imply that the people are willing to take risks to better their lives
          • The eggs are a metaphor for life and hope - they could fall off the building anytime and smash.  To place the eggs there, one must have faith and trust.
        • 'the bright, thin walls of faith.'
          • Shows that the people have hope to improve their lives in spite of living in the slums
          • Hides the people from the harsh reality they are living in and could this wall could break at any moment
    • Structure & Form
      • Written in one long thin stanza with 22 short lines
      • Written in blank verse
      • Structure mimics the slums
      • The first half of the poem describes the structure of the slums and after line 11 it forms an image of people living inside the slum
    • Context
      • Imtiaz Dharker
        • Born in Pakistan and grew up in Scotland.
        • Describes herself from different places and writes about identity and making judgements on other people
        • She is also a film director and has scripted a number of documentaries in India, supporting work with women and children
      • Slums
        • Writes about slums in a more optimistic tone
        • 52.5% of Mumbai's population lives in a slum
    • Beginning
      • 'Beams /balance crookedly'
        • Shows the dangerous living conditions that that people are living in - that at any time the building could collapse
        • Could symbolise that the class system is corrupt
      • 'the whole structure leans dangerously /towards the miraculous.'
        • The juxtaposition of 'dangerously' and 'miraculous' shows that the Dharker admires the people living in slums
        • She is emphasising that the society is special and unique despite their living conditions
    • Middle
      • 'someone has squeezed/a living space'
        • Shows that the people makes the best of their conditions
        • It is a volta, showing the change of focus of the more negative building to the unique people living inside


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