Living Space

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  • Living Space
    • Context
      • Imtiaz Dharker is a Pakistan-born British poet, artist and documentary filmmaker.
      • The poem describes the slums of Mumbai, where people migrate from all over India in the hope of a better life. The slum areas are living spaces created out of all kinds of found materials: corrupted sheets, wooden beams
    • Tone
      • Bright, playful, heroic.
      • Even though the poem highlights poverty in the slums it describes the surroundings in a playful way.
    • Subject
      • The poems describes a ramshackle living space, with it's lack of 'straight lines'. Dharker celebrates the existence of these living spaces as a miracle.
      • The lines of the building are slanting and unstable, balancing precariously between dangerous.
    • Theme
      • Faith- to live in a space that is unstable and apparently verging on collapse, requires a strong faith in the building's structure.


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