Living in Nazi Germany

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  • Living in Nazi Germany & the rise to total power.
    • Background Info.
      • The Great Depression
        • In October 1929 the Wall Street crash happened meaning that the USA could not loan Germany any money. Because of this, Germany's own economy crashed
          • lead to; mass unemployment, unemployment benefits getting cut and a collapsed economy
      • Extremist parties like the KPD communists became popular, a workers revolution that was especially popular with the unemployed
    • The Nazi Rise
      • The parties appeal.
        • The nazis promised a prosperous future for Germany with work and housing for everyone, some supported the anti-jew views, the party was very well organised and they had efficient propaganda
      • Hitlers Personality
        • Hitler was patriotic and energetic and was able to get his enthusiasm across
        • He came across as a strong leader and he stood up to the Weimar Republic
      • Dirty Tricks
        • The Nazis took control of the media and banned opposition meetings. They used the SA to terrorise opponents. He blamed the Reichstag Fire on the communists
        • He made the communist party illegal, banned the trade union and also all other political parties.
    • Achieving Total Power
      • The Night of the Long Knives
        • 30th June 1934. Hitler sent men to arrest or kill Rohm and other leaders in the Nazi party or of the SA. Claims to overthrow Hitler as justfication
      • Taking FULL control of local and national government
        • in 1934 Hindenberg died, Hitler became 'Der Fuhrer', every aspect of life became controlled by a nazi
      • The Nazis took control of the Church by reducing its power because he was worried they might oppose them due to ts popularity. Later the Catholic Church was persecuted and the protestant church was 'Nazified'
    • Terror & Propaganda
      • Germany became a police state, had complete control over everyone lives, could read mail and listen to calls. Judges made rulings in line with Nazi policy.
      • People were terrorised into conforming, the ** were hitlers cruel bodyguards. The Gestapo were the secret police who fed info to the government. Concentration Camps wre made in order to keep prisoners eg. Jews, Travellers, Communists etc etc
      • Propaganda was used to unite Germany with the Nazis. The government had to approve all artistic works before being released. Nazis used the media as well as rallies and events to show off.
    • Opposition to the Nazis
      • The Left - was divided and weak. Some key members of the church. Edelweiss Pirates (rebelling youths that went against the Nazis) The Swing Kids (opposed the removal of culture
      • Some other expressed their dissatisfaction through grumbling
    • Work & Home
      • women were expected to stay at home and raise large families, studied subjects like 'cooking' and pushed towards marrying Aryan husbands
      • Hitler reduced unemployment dramatically with stuff like the army and the Labour front.
      • Introduced the Volkswagen, Strength through joy (a scheme which provided workers with holidays and the beauty of labour which encouraged factory owners to improve conditions
      • Hitler Youth for boys and the League of German Maidens for girls, education was 'NAZIFIED'
    • Nazi Racial Policy
      • Oppression of those they didn't like was common. Believed in the 'ARYAN' race of blonde haired blue eyed people. All others eg Jews, homos, gypsies etc were persecuted
      • Made Nuremberg Laws to discriminate against the Jews and created Ghettos, they were completely dehumanized
        • Kristallnacht - The Night of Broken Glass. Loads of Nazis went and smashed Jewish houses, shops and businesses


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