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  • Principles and Values in British Society Identity
    • Life in Modern Britain
      • The media and the free press
        • Free Press: This is a concept that states for a free, open and democratic society to exist,the press should be free from political interference and should be able to print the stories they wish.
        • Mass Media: The means of community to a large number of people at the same time
        • New Media:All non-traditional forms of media
        • Traditional Media: Newsprint ,radio,   television' cinema
        • Social Media :The ways in which people interact with each other on the internet e.g. Twitter and Facebook
        • Ofcom:The office of communication government regulator for elements of the media industry
      • Global Institutions
        • United Nations: Replaced the League of nations post WWII with the aim of preventing further wars.
        • The World Trade Organisation: Deals with rules of global trade and mediates disputes between member countries
        • The Council of Europe: An organisation founded to uphold Human Rights
        • Commonwealth: Former countries of the British Empire with a collective interest in trade, democracy and other shared values.
        • NATO: The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation defence system for countries to protecr each other.
      • Making a difference society
        • Ways for a citizen
          • Voting
          • Social media
          • Protest
          • Pressure Groups
          • Petitions
          • Boycotts
        • Pressure Groups
          • Defintion:Pressure groups are organised bodies of citizens who share a common interest in an issue and through a variety of actions promote their cause
          • Single-cause group:These groups focus on a single issue
          • Multi-cause: The groups  seek to influence policy and decisions on a range of issues.
          • Protective These groups seek to protect the interest if their members
          • Promotional These groups aim to promote views to their members and other interested parties on a particular topic
    • The British Values
      • Mutual Respect:    Everyone,no matter what their faith is,is entitled to respect and fair treatment
      • Rule of Law: No matter who you are,you must obey the law.
      • Individual Liberty: Individuals all have basic freedoms that no one can take away
      • Democracy:Everyone gets a say in how the country is run
    • Identities
      • Identity:Is how someone defines them self or what something stands for or is represented
      • Group Identity: The identity associated the belonging to a group
      • Multiple identity: That a person can assume different identities at different times and in different situations
      • National Identity:An identity associated with being citizen of a specific country


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