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  • shopping
    • late 1960s Liverpool was the 3rd most visited shopping centre
      • by 2002 it had dropped to 17th place
      • in 2008 it had come back and it was estimated that shoppers would spend more in liverpool
        • potential catchment of 1.8 million people within 30 mins
    • Liverpool 1 shopping centre is one of the biggest flagship regeneration project
      • started regeneration project in 1990s under the Grosvenor group and was known as the Paradise Projection
      • public consultation was held
        • negotiations held with potential development partners including Debenhams and John Lewis started in 2004
    • rebranding started in 2005 and the first phase in 2008
    • 160 stores
      • leisure and dining
      • cinema
      • residential units 600
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    • coast £1bn


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