Liverpool information ( entertainment, history, culture)

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  • Liverpool
    • Culture
      • Liverpool makes up 13.7% of ethnic diversity of the UK's 14%
      • In 2008, it was recognised as the European Capital of culture
      • it is home to the oldest chinese community in the whole of Europe
      • In 2018, it was recorded that 1 in every 8.3 were from an ethnic minority background
      • 3/4 of liverpool have irish roots and it is known as the second capital of Ireland
    • Entertainment
      • Liverpool holds the guiness world record for City of Pop
        • Most pop musicians that come from Liverpool have the most no 1 hits than any other city.
      • Many famous musicians include:
        • Beatles
        • Cilia Black
        • atomic kitten
      • Liverpool F.C and Everton are two rival football teams but are both very successful
      • Famous TV shows include:
        • Waterloo Road
        • Cilia (tribute)
        • flog it
    • History
      • City of Liverpool was created in 2017 by King John
      • In the 1200's commerce was even better than London
      • Scouse was a type of stew eaten by Liverpudlians during 1900 poverty
        • Now it is known as their accent
      • Liverpool's port in the 19th century was one of the biggest ports for trade
        • The port was used to carry a cargo of slaves. Port was very much used for slavery


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