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  • Liver
    • Excretion
      • Removal of wast products from metabolic processed from the body
    • Hepatic artery
      • Supplies liver with oxygenated blood from heart
      • Good supply of oxygen for respiration = energy
    • Hepatic vein
      • takes deoxygenated blood away from heart
    • Hepatic Portal Vein
      • brings blood from small intestine. ingested harmful substances are filtered out and broken down straight away
    • Bile Duct
      • takes bile to gall bladder to be stored
    • Histology
      • lobules
      • Hepatocytes
      • Kupffer cells
        • remove bacteria and break down old red blood cells
    • Deamination
      • Breaks down excess amino acids
        • Amino acid -> ammonia + organic acids
      • organic acid
        • Respired to ATP
        • Converted to carbohydrate and stored as glucogen
      • Ammonia + CO2 is combined and excreted


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