Little Rock, Arkansas

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  • Little Rock, Arkansas
    • 1957- the Supreme Court ordered the Governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus, to let 9 black students attend the all white high school in Little Rock
    • Day before the school should have accepted them
      • Faubus ordered 270 national guard troops to move into the high school
        • claimed it was because the troops needed to maintain law and he couldn't guarantee the students' safety
        • really was to keep the 9 African American students out of the high school
        • His actions made him very popular with the white population- he was re-elected 6 times
    • President Eisenhower responded to Faubus' actions. He did this to protect the students and to make sure they were allowed to join the school
      • sent in 10,000 National Guardsmen for a full year
      • sent in 1,000 paratroopers for 6 weeks
      • his actions showed to the world and the rest of the population that he was determined to enforce the Supreme Courts ruling
    • However, Eisenhower's actions were limited
      • still no black children in white schools in the states of Alabama, Mississippi or Carolina
      • progress was extremely slow
        • Civil Rights campaigners began to question whether indirect action using legal methods was working


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