Little Hans by Freud - Evaluation

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  • Little Hans by Freud - Evaluation
    • Low in Reliability
      • Subjective
        • Cant be repeated to get similar results
      • Unique Case Studies
        • Cant be repeated to get similar results
      • Case Study so no controls
        • e.g. Standardized questions
      • Low in Generalisability
        • each case study is unique
          • no representative of target population so cannot generalise
      • High in ecological Validity
        • Real case study in a natural environment
      • Low in validity
        • Information came from Little Hans Father
          • He was an fan of Freud and may be bias
        • Subjecive
          • Has to be interpreted and can be interpreted differently by different people
      • High in Validity
      • Informed Concent
        • From Little Hans Parents as he was under 16
      • Ignored Other Possible Explanations
        • Classical Conditioning
          • Saw a horse fall which scared him


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