Little Red Rooster

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  • Little Red Rooster
    • General action
      • animalistic moves
      • toned down ballet
      • grooming gestures
      • struts
      • jazz influences
    • Space
      • travelling
      • the male dancers who aren't dancing stay in the same place
      • the female dancer travels all around the men as she enters onto the stage
    • Dynamics
      • vary as the music changes
      • beginning is slow- there is a build up to a strut
      • the dynamics match his characteristics
    • Key movements
      • grooming gestures
      • struts
      • head jolts
      • intricate leg swings
    • Aural Setting
      • to a rolling stones song
      • the music is reflective of the social time
      • blues type of music
    • Physical Setting
      • Lighting is dim and allows the movement to be the focal point
      • Costumes are typical of the time
      • men's colourful suits represent individuality
    • Narratiive/ dancer's role
      • the woman is free- spirited
      • main rooster character is confident and exerts dominance over the situation


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