Literary Text Analysis in 4 Stages

This MindMap enables you to categorise every poetic,Literary texts and analyse each characteristichs of the text,beside you will need to memorise this chart by applying them to some famous literary texts.


  1. ESP stands for English for Especial purposes
  2. "Hypotactics"is a figure of writing in which the author makes his/her story on long sentences with many strong transitional words you can not simply remove them from the text
  3. "Paratactics"well-known in "Hemingway"written works,is another figures included short sentences with too many "and"s inorder to make it easy for author to send messages to the reader, as fast as possible.
  4. Periodical"sentences are too long inspite of "non-Periodical"s or loose ones.

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  • Literary Text analysis in 4 Stages
    • Figurative Rating
      • Figures of Speech
        • Everyday Language
        • Literary Language
      • Figures of thought
    • Diction
      • Words
        • Real | Sureal
        • Abstract | Concrete
        • Simple| Complicated
        • General | ESP
        • Syllable------Stylometer
        • Sense Experience
    • Rhetorical aim/Purpose
    • Sentence Structure and Syntax
      • Sentence Structure
        • Non-Periodical
        • Periodical
      • Syntax
        • Paratactics
        • Hypotactics




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