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  • Listeria
    • Symptoms
      • Mild, flu-like symptoms e.g. fever, muscle aches and sometimes nausea or diarrhoea
      • Can be more serious- headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, convulsions, blood poisoning or meningitis
      • Pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to listeria.
      • Listeria, is particularly dangerous in pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage, premature delivery or severe illness in the baby when it is born
    • Food Sources
      • Unpasteurised Cheeses
      • Soft, mould ripened cheeses
      • Uncooked meats
      • Cold cuts of meat
      • Smoked Salmon
      • Pates
      • Ready meals and ready-to-eat foods such as pre-packed sandwiches
    • Listeria bacteria can grow at low temperature, including below 5*C. They are destroyed by cooking food thoroughly and by pasteurisation
    • Method of Control
      • Thoroughly cook raw food from animal sources
      • Thoroughly wash raw vegetables before eating
      • Keep uncooked meat separate from all other foods
      • Avoid unpasteurised milk or foods made from it
      • Pregnant women should reheat ready-made foods until piping hot, rather than eat them cold


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