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  • Listeria Monocytogene
    • Symtoms
      • Gastroenteritis
      • Septicaemia or meningitis
      • In newborns - pneumonia, meningitis, difficulty eating and breathing
      • 1-90 day incubation period
      • Vets and farmers may develop skin infection on arms after contact with infected animal
      • Body's natural defence mechanism against listeria is weakened during pregnancy --> birth complications and miscarriage
    • Sources
      • pre-cooked and chilled meals
      • Salads
      • Soft cheeses
      • Cold cuts of meat
      • Soil/manure, vegetation
      • Water sewage
      • Faeces and intestines of many animals
    • Prevention
      • Grows from below 5C to around 40C
      • killed by conventional or microwave ovens and pasteurisation
      • Follow storage instructions including 'use by' date
      • Chicken should be cooked to core temp 75C
      • Wash salads, fruit and veg before eating
      • Cook-chills shouldn't be stored for more than 5 days at 3C
      • Observe standing times
      • Throw away left over reheated food
      • Vulnerable should not help with lambing and should avoid soft cheeses and pate


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