liquid pressure

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  • liquid pressure
    • if u submerge an object in a liquid, it experiences liquid pressure from all directions due to the particles in the liquid
    • this pressure increases with depth due to the weight of the column of liquid directly above the object
    • liquids cant be compressed, so their density is the same anywhere
    • pressure due to column of liquid =height of column*density of liquid*gravitational field strength
      • you can use this equation to find the difference in pressure=difference in depth*density*gravitational field strength
    • upthrust
      • when pressure in a liquid increases with depth, the force pushing upwards on the bottom of the object is greater than the force pushing down
      • the upthrust acting on a object is equal to the weight of fluid it has displaced.
      • if the upthrust is equal to the objects weight it will float.  If the upthrust is less than the objects weight it will sink


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