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  • Lipids
    • Insolube in water
    • Soluble in organic substances
    • Roles
      • An energy source.
      • Waterproofing
        • Insoluble in water.
      • Insulation.
        • Slow conductors of heat.
      • Protection.
    • Triglycerides
      • Tree fatty acids combined with a glycerol molecule.
      • Formed in condensation reaction.
      • Glycerol molecule is the same, differences come from the fatty acids.
      • Saurated - NO double bonds between carbon atoms.
      • Mono-unsaturated - ONE double bond between carbon atoms.
      • Poly-unsaturated - More than one double bonds between carbon atoms.
    • Phospholipids
      • One fatty acid is removed and a phosphate molecule added.
      • Polar - molecule which have two ends which behave differently.
      • Hydrophobic tail - repels water.
      • Hydrophilic head - attracts water.
    • Test for lipids
      • Emulsion test.
        • Add 2cm3 of sample, add 5cm3 of ethanol, shake, add 5cm3 of water, shake, cloudy white precipitate shows presence of lipids.


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