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  • lipids
    • fats-solids at room temp
    • oils-liquid at room temp
    • most common are tryglicerides
    • triglycerides can be fats or oils
    • tryglicerides are made from glycerol backbone and 2 fatty chains
    • ester bonds are formed in condensation reactions
    • saturated made up of single bonds only
    • unsaturated contains double bonds between carbon atoms
    • roles of llipids are waterproofing,energy source,stored as adipose tissue for protection and insulation
    • phospholipids contain fatty acids,contain glycerol,and phosphate
    • phosphate group is polar,will dissolve in water
      • phosphate head is hydrophillic
        • tail is non polar no charges and is hydrophobic (amphipatic)
    • emulsion test for lipids
    • denaturation hydrogen bonds are broken by heating
      • atoms are heated to the point that the bonds break
        • goes from globular to fiburous


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