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  • lipids
    • any biomolecule that dissolves in non polar solvents
      • contains carbon,hydrogen and oxygen, is insoluble in water
    • trigylcerides
      • one glycerol molecule bonded to three fatty acids
      • each of the glycerol 3 OH molecules reacts with the carboxyl group on the fatty acid
        • this is a condensation reaction and an ester bond is formed
      • insoluble in water but soluble in ethanol
      • non polar and hydrophobic
    • phospholipids
      • have a phosphate group, a glycerol molecule and two fatty acids
      • hydrophilic (water loving) head and a hydrophobic (water fearing) tail
      • may be saturated or unsaturated
    • steroids (cholesterol)
      • small molecule
      • -OH is polar
      • 4 hydrocarbon rings and hydrocarbon tail are polar
      • ring structure has OH group attatched
    • fatty acids
      • acid groups at one end (COOH)
      • hydrocarbon chain (between 2 and 20)
      • saturated
        • all possible bonds are made with hydrogen
      • unsaturated
        • one (monounsaturated) or more (polyunsaturated) double bonds between carbon atoms so fewer can be bonded
    • glycerol
      • always the same in all three lipids
      • 3 carbon molecules with 3 free OH groups


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