lipids and phospholipids

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  • lipids
    • insoluble in water but not in organic
    • saturated or unsaturated
      • satturared are only single bonds
        • straight molecules
      • unsaturated are double bonds
        • kink in the chain
    • triclycerides-most common lipid
      • hydrophobic tails
      • formed by condensation reaction
        • this catalysis the rection between OH bonds in glycerol and the fatty acids
          • the bond is called an ester bond
    • functions
      • storage
  • melt at lower temp
    • mainly found in plants
  • hormone prodution
  • phospholipids
    • hydophilic head hydrophobic tail
    • phosphate based group replaces one fatty acid chain
    • hydrophilic and hydrophobic-amphipathic
    • polar


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