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  • Linen
    • Natural Fibre
      • Staple Fibre
    • Origin
      • Made from the flax plant
      • Made from the stem of the flower
    • Processing/ Finishing:
      • Starts with Pulling, Roughing Out, Retting, Breaking and scratching, Hacking.
      • Spinning then gets knitted or woven into the fabric.
    • Uses:
      • Clothes - Skirts, Shirts, Suits and Summer clothes
      • House hold textiles - Table Clothes, Curtains and Tea Towels
      • Ropes, Sewing Thread, Geo Textiles
    • Properties:
      • Comfortable, Durable
      • Grows softer over time
      • Good Drape, Badly Creases
      • Breathable and Lightwieght
    • Care:
      • Washable, Can be boiled and bleached
      • Quick Dry, Irons easy when damp
      • Can be Dry Cleaned and Tumble Dried
    • Typical Blends:
      • Linen is mainly mixed with Cotton
    • Aesthetics:
      • Highly Absorbent
      • Fresh and Cool to wear
      • It can be Crisp with a firm handle too.


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