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  • Linda
    • Teenager
      • Still protective over Mickey
        • "Leave him alone y' big worm"
        • "You stay where y' are Mickey"
        • "Take no notice Mickey"
        • Linda willingly gets herself suspended by standing up for Mickey
      • Linda tells Mickey she loves him "all over the place" - openly expresses feelings
      • 'Summer sequence' - fun-loving
      • Despite admitting her emotions about Mickey, Linda doesn't see herself as his girlfriend as he "hasn't asked" - conforming to gender roles
    • Adult
      • Linda falls "pregnant" out of wedlock just like Mrs Johnstone  - trapped in cycle of poverty
      • While Mickey loses his job Linda 'watches' - she can no longer protect him
      • Linda is 'weighed down' by the struggle of Mickey's addiction
      • "She's washed a million dishes" - Linda has become mundane
      • She has a 'light romance' with Eddie - she is desperate and lonely
      • "We've got our own place an' I think I've got Mickey a job" - still protecting and caring for Mickey
      • "There's a girl inside the woman" - still innocent - stolen youth/ childhood
    • Child
      • Protective over Mickey
        • 'Linda moves in to protect Mickey'
        • Linda claims to have "stopped it with the bin lid"
        • Linda is 'undaunted' by Sammy as she protects Mickey
        • "Leave him alone"
      • "Let's throw some stones at them windows" - mischievous
      • Linda is from a working class background like Mickey. She too is moved into a  'new town'
      • 'Linda takes the gun and fires. We hear a metallic ping' - capable while Mickey is inadequate - links to her getting him a job and house


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