Limiting factors and the calvin cycle

Made using OCR Biology Textbook A2. Pages 72-73. Hocking, Kennedy, Sochaki and Winterbottom.

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  • Limiting factors and the Calvin cycle
    • Light Intensity
      • Measure of how much energy is associated with the light
        • Distance from source doubled, light intensity is quartered (inverse square)
      • Increased light intensity increases the rate of the light dependent reaction
        • More light energy to excited electrons, get more ATP and reduced NADP
          • ATP and reduced NADP are used in Calvin cycle to reduced GP to TP and then ATP is used to  phosphorylateTP to RuBP
            • Therefore in dim light, when  L.D.R. doesn't occur, no L.I.R.
              • Levels of GP accumulate, as GP can't be converted to TP. = reduced TP and subsequently RuBP
    • Carbon dioxide
      • Increase in Carbon dioxide fixing in the Calvin Cycle.
        • Provide light intensity isn't limiting= more GP so subsequently TP and then RuBP
        • However, stomata open= increased transpiration, if not replaced by water uptake, stress response, abscisic acid released, stomata close, = less CO2 = reduced rate of photo.
      • If CO2 conc is below 0.01% then RuBP, the CO2 acceptor will accumulate= levels of GP and TP fall
    • Temperature


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