Lilian Ngoyi.

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  • Lilian Ngoyi
    • On the 9/8/1956 she lead a march of 20,000 women to the government buildings in Pretoria to protest against apartheid.
    • She was arrested in 19956, and spent 71 days in solitary confinement, and for a period of 11 years was placed under severe bans and restrictions that often confined her to her home.
    • She joined the ANC's women's league in 1952.
    • Gained international support for the movement.
    • She encored the international support of women, eg. Switzerland in 1955.
    • Mobilised women to protest.
    • She was the first women to be appointed to the executive committee of the ANC.
  • Organisations and Positions.
  • What did she do that was significant?


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