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  • Lightwave
    • Tools
      • Scripting
        • Scripting programs such as python and visual basic are compatible and can be used for scripting in lightwave.
      • Hypervoxels
        • This is a feature of lightwave which can be used to render different liquid effects differently so water could rendered differently to lava or mercury.
      • Bullet Dynamics
        • This feature allows the user to create realistic bullet effects. This effect can also be used for collapsing of buildings and explosions. It is used because it would be too hard to recreate and draw every single bullet.
      • Controls
        • Some controls include in lightwave include texture which can be used to choose different textures for different objects, add which can be used to add images or 3D graphics to frames, and replace which can be used to replace different images in frames with other images or 3D graphics.
      • Rigging
        • This is a feature of lightwave which allows the user to create rigs on graphic images to show bodily features such as indentations around limbs and bones. It can be used to create realistic looking animals.
      • Surfacing
        • This is a tool in lightwave which changes the look, and smoothness of a surface to make the object look more realistic, for example the back of a wooden chair can have the surface changed to make it more sleek and look better.
    • What is Lightwave


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