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  • LightWave 3D
    • Symbols
      • The symbols/icons of tools is professional and is a universal type symbol for anyone who has a knowledge of animation
    • Buttons
      • This may be difficult to use as most of the display is for editing so buttons on the display are difficult to find.
    • Scripts
      • Does have the ability to customise your own scripts in depth (con is that making own commands is difficult)
      • Scripting seems complicated due to the default commands
    • Layers
      • Layer is fairly simple due to the fact that their is specifically a drop down for the layer you want.
        • This may be easier for designing a desired thought.
    • Frames
      • The Frames are displayed clearly but can take up a large amount of the screen
        • Solution? Resize the margin scale of the layer display
      • Very professional look to the display of frames
        • Grey effect adds this rather than a bright colourful design which may be offputting
    • Preloaders
      • Usually requires a custom built preloader
        • Plug in is therefore required for this
    • Libraires
      • Libraries being the way files are stored means that the use of thumbnails is easily accessible
        • Similar to Maya
      • Saving items to your own library gives that touch to the user that they have their own customising
    • Controls
      • The controls are basic but can be considered to have some difficult when trying to use advanced options
    • Tweening
      • Just like flash, lightwave can produce tweening, in the motion sense
        • The method is slighly more difficult than flash but can still produce the same smoothness for tweening
          • You have to manipulate it frame by frame


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