small mindmap to display some features included in lightwave 3D design adn animation package.

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  • Lightwave
    • Frames
      • Frames are the basic part of an animation, each frame is played in rapid succession.
    • Buttons
      • I'm assuming that buttons means hotkeys, Lightwave has many hotkeys, which are a selection of keys or combinations of keys on the keyboard that allow for much easier access of tools.
        • The advantages of this are that you can access all the tools you need much faster.
        • The disadvantage of this is that if you press the wrong hotkey then you might use the wrong tool by accident.
    • Layers
      • Lightwave is a 3D animation software and thus does not use layers, instead each animation is made in a stop-motion fashion where everything in each frame has to come from somewhere or will have to be added manually
    • 3D Printing
      • Lightwave has a feature built-in that allows for any models created in Lightwave to be printed out using a 3D printer
        • The advantage this brings is that any model that is wanted in physical form can be easily printed out, E.g. for demonstration purposes
        • The disadvantage this brings is that 3D printers cost a lot, meaning that this feature is useless unless it is for a business venture or if you have excessive amounts of money.
    • Scripting
      • Lightwave uses a C code class for it's scripting, this ia a very commonly known coding language
        • The advantages of  using this C code are that the newer tools can make it a lot easier to use the software and allow the community to have an affect on how the product is developed
      • Lightwave's most recent update allows for the use of the python coding language for the custom tools.
        • Python is a well known coding language and in doing this the developers have allowed for even more people in the community to be able to create their own tools.
    • Hypervoxels
      • Hypervoxels are used to render smaller animation features.
        • The advantages this brings are that hypervoxels can help improve the quality of water animations and the detail on the smaller sprites
        • the disadvantage this brings is that hypervoxels can be difficult to set up properly.


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