Light Independent Reaction

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  • Light Independent Reaction (Calvin Cycle)
    • The Calvin Cycle takes place in the stroma.
    • TP and GP  make useful organic substances. TP makes Nucleic acids, carbohydrates and with GP lipids. GP makes amino acids.
    • 1) CO2 enters the leaf through the stomata and diffuses into the strom. It combines with RuBP which is an unstable so breaks down into two GP molecules. Rubisco catalyses this reaction.
    • 2) ATP from light-dependent reaction provies energy for GP to be reduced into TP. Reduced NADP is also needed which is recycled to NADP.
    • 3) Five of every 6 molecules of TP is mae back into RUBP instead of organic compounds, this uses the rest of the ATP form the light dependent reaction.
    • The  Calvin Cycle needs to turn 6 times to make one molecule of glucose. This is due to two TP molecules being needed needed to create one molecule of glucose.


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