Calvin cycle

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  • light in- dependent reaction Calvin cycle
    • 1: CO2 combines with 5C RuBP, this is fixing and is catalysed by RuBP carboxylase/ RUBISCO
    • 2: this breaks down to for 2 x Glycerate 3 Phosphate ( GP)
    • 3: the GP is then reduced using NADPH and ATP from light dependent reactions
      • 4: this forms triose phosphate 3C (TP)
      • 5: GP can also be used to form amino acids and fatty acids
    • 6: most of the TP is used to re-generate RuBP which also requires ATP
    • 7: some TP is used to make hexose sugars e.g. glucose  and some polysaccharides
    • 8: some TP is used to make glycerol which combines with fatty acids from GP to make lipids


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